Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Louis Campisano Helps Businesses Insure Their Vehicles against Loss

As a business owner, you have several company vehicles for your sales staff and delivery drivers. Perhaps your business is one that cleans homes so you need cars for cleaning staff to travel to client residences. Maybe your business provides catering so you need cars and delivery trucks. Maybe you own appliance stores so your trucks need to be sturdy enough to deliver several thousand pounds of equipment. Regardless of your business type, if you use vehicles to serve customers, you need insurance to cover those vehicles. Louis Campisano, an agent for Farmers Insurance, is ready to meet your coverage needs.

While you trust your employees, it is likely that their care for business vehicles will be less scrupulous than for their own vehicles. In addition, the requirements of the job may force them to park in unsafe areas or make sudden starts or stops. Furthermore, while you hope that they will drive safely, it is likely that they will talk on their cell phones or use texting to handle business issues while at the wheel.

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The above behaviors can lead to damage to your vehicles. A car could be damaged in an accident or theft. An employee could suffer physical injury. Just as bad, a customer’s business could be damaged or a bystander could be injured by the driver of one of your trucks.

In all of these instances, it is critical that you have insurance coverage. Louis Campisano and Farmers Insurance offer a number of policies that will protect you. Comprehensive insurance will address damage from theft or vandalism. Collision insurance will protect you from damage as a result of accidents. Liability coverage will pay for damage to a person or property as a result of your employee’s driving. You may also want to ask Louis Campisano about umbrella coverage so that your business is protected from a lawsuit seeking damages above your liability limits.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coverage for cuddly companions: An overview of pet insurance

Responsible pet ownership entails making sure that pets are loved, fed, sheltered, and taken to the veterinarian if they fall ill. However, the often prohibitive costs of veterinary care prevent pet owners from giving their charges the necessary medical attention.

Pet insurance is a great way to ensure that pets, whether they're dogs, cats, rabbits, or a more exotic animal, get the protection and coverage that will see to their wellbeing and prevent inconvenience on the part of their owners.

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How it works

Pet insurance is a form of property insurance. The pet owner pays the insurance provider a monthly fee and the provider will reimburse him or her for the pet's healthcare expenses either partially or in full, depending on the insurance package purchased.

Most pet insurance policies pay a percentage of veterinary costs after reaching a deductible, while some insurance providers determine the amount of claim refunds with a benefit schedule. For example, a pet insurance policy can list “heart falure” on the benefit schedule with a corresponding reimbursement of $300. This means that the maximum amount the insurance provider will reimburse the pet parent is $300; any amount exceeding that will be paid for by the pet owner out of pocket.

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What it covers

While specific terms and coverage can vary among providers, many pet insurance policies cover the following:

• Accidents
• Emergency visits
• Specialist care
• Laboratory tests/diagnostics

Some plans offer specialized add-ons, such as cancer treatment visits, while some offer plans that provide for routine veterinary check-ups and vaccinations.

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For which pets it's for

Contrary to popular belief, pet insurance isn't just for pets that are sickly. More sophisticated testing and treatment methods are becoming common in veterinary care. Pet owners can rest easy knowing that, without having to worry about the cost, they can have their pets take advantage of these life-saving technologies in case they fall ill or meet an accident.

Louis Campisano is an insurance agent with Farmer's Insurance in Florham Park, New Jersey. For discussions on pet insurance, like this Facebook page.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Louis Campisano: Umbrella Insurance Can Cover You When a Lawsuit Strikes

No matter how proactive you are about protecting your finances, a worst-case scenario can occur at any time, essentially wiping out your bank coffers and leaving you feeling helpless. Having auto and homeowners insurance certainly is essential for shielding you in the event of lawsuit, but this is only a start. Umbrella insurance will more fully cover you in this type of stormy situation, according to Farmers Insurance agent Louis Campisano.

If you end up facing a personal injury lawsuit following a car accident in which you hurt someone, for example, you might be required to pay a certain legal judgment from both your existing assets and your future earnings. An umbrella policy will cover your legal judgment. It will also pay for your legal defense expenses, which can add up quickly even if you happen to win the case.

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Most insurance providers require that you have liability coverage of about $300,000 or on your home or car, but this might not be enough to cover you in the event of a major lawsuit. It is therefore recommended that you have an umbrella policy valued at a minimum of $1 million. This provides coverage beyond your homeowners- and auto-insurance policy limits, even if you have below a million dollars in assets.

If your salary is over $100,000 or if you already have a million dollars in assets, it may behoove you to choose an umbrella policy valued at $2 million instead. If needed, you can increase your homeowners- and auto-insurance deductibles and thus reduce your monthly premiums, which may enable you to more easily afford umbrella coverage. Life can be unpredictable, with a split-second accident having the potential to rob you of your assets and ruin you financially. An umbrella policy, however, is a relatively inexpensive method of protecting your money from destructive lawsuits and thus preserving your income and wealth in the years ahead.

More about Louis Campisano can be accessed on this website

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Louis Campisano: Life Insurance Can Save Your Family from Financial Ruin

If you are like most people, you prefer not to talk about death. Unfortunately, death is unavoidable, and if you have a spouse or children who depend on you financially, your death could drastically impact them in more ways than you could imagine. This is why life insurance is so valuable, according to Farmers Insurance agent Louis Campisano.

Two types of life insurance are available, with both offering their own unique benefits: term life and whole life. Term life offers coverage that lasts for a certain amount of time – for example, 20 years – and is ideal for those who need just temporary coverage or have limited funds. Meanwhile, permanent life insurance provides long-term coverage. This type of insurance is the best option for replacing the income of a deceased spouse, covering a person’s end-of-life expenses or providing an inheritance for your children.

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Although permanent insurance costs more initially, mainly because of the investment aspect of it, this type of insurance accumulates cash value. You also do not have to pay taxes on your gains each year, and you can use this money to supplement your retirement planning. Term life insurance, on the other hand, offers the advantage of being more affordable and simple to understand. You simply pay a low premium that remains the same from month to month for as long as you have the policy.

When you choose term life insurance, you also do not have to depend on an insurance company to invest your money for you; you can invest your own money in the way you desire. In many situations, a combination of permanent and term life insurance is a wise option. Louis Campisano has the expertise needed to help you to choose appropriate policies so that your entire family will remain protected in the years to come.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Louis Campisano Offers Insurance in Florham Park

Many people who work in New York City live in Florham Park, New Jersey. Known as “A Community of Volunteers” for the activities of its founding members, the city contains about 13,000 residents and offers excellent schools. It is also the headquarters of the New York Jets, which maintains a state of the art training facility in that city. When Hurricane Sandy hit northern New Jersey, Florham Park suffered significant damage from high winds. Trees fell on properties and electrical wires were torn off their poles. People and businesses that maintained property insurance were covered for their losses. Others had to put themselves at the mercy of federal assistance.

There are predictions that hurricanes as damaging as Sandy will become more frequent in the New York City area. Property owners, both business and personal, would do well to buy insurance from such agents as Louis Campisano, who is with Farmers Insurance. This company is one of the top rated insurance firms, both for customer satisfaction and for creditworthiness, which is important if you expect the company to pay off a life insurance claim.

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If the predictions about hurricanes are true and you own personal and/or business property in the vicinity, it would be worth your while to contact Louis Campisano. He can explain the many options available for protecting your assets. For example, you may need both personal and business property insurance. You might also need personal and business auto insurance since vehicles can become damaged in a hurricane.

Finally, though it is difficult to think about, there could be loss of life in a hurricane. If you died, your business would suffer as would your family. You can purchase life insurance policies for both cases.

Florham Park is a beautiful city, but it may be situated in a hurricane-prone area. Take precautions to protect your assets.Visit this website for more about insurance.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Louis Campisano May Be the Right Insurance Agent for You

While you see ads on television for insurance agents and you probably receive mail solicitations from agents, it can be difficult to make a decision on selecting an insurance representative. You may need home and auto coverage and you might want life insurance, too. You do not know who is going to look out for your interests and be there for you when you need him or her. Below are some guidelines for choosing the right insurance agent.

1. Make sure that the agent is affiliated with a highly rated company. It is critical that the company has the resources to pay your claims. You can check the top credit rating services to confirm the strength of the company’s resources and credit. For example, Louis Campisano is affiliated with Farmers Insurance, which is ranked at the top by credit agencies.

2. Find an agent who can cover all of your needs. Louis Campisano can handle nearly any personal or business insurance need you may have. From home, auto, life, renter’s and motorcycle insurance to worker’s compensation and business liability policies, you can get the coverage you need.

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3. Choose a company that is involved in the community. Some companies focus on education of children, others promote human rights. A company that gives back to the community is one that is interested in more than just making money.

4. Select a company that ranks highly among customer surveys. For example, “USAA, State Farm and Farmers earned the highest scores from both auto and home insurance customers in Insure.com’s annual customer satisfaction study.”

5. Talk to friends and relatives to find agents they use and like. Often, an agent who will advocate for you can make the difference between getting a claim paid and getting it denied.

Insurance is an important part of modern life to protect your assets and loved ones. To know more about Louis Campisano, visit his website.